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We are engaged in growing the finest variety of Coconuts and are making this fruit available in different forms for customers across India. Our Coconuts are repeatedly demanded by the clients as they are having soft, tasty flesh accompanied by sweet water that tastes like elixir. With more than 500 ml of delicious water content, our Coconuts are the ideal choice of food lovers and the health conscious people.

We Offer :
  • Tender Coconuts
  • Mature Coconuts
  • Milling Copra

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Tender Coconuts

Tender Coconuts are the healthiest natural drink available on earth. Tender Coconuts are essentially valued due to the presence of tasty coconut water, which is considered to be rich in almost every nutrient known to us. Our Tender Coconuts are grown under optimum conditions so that each fruit has high content of sweet


Mature Coconuts

Fresh coconuts have been popularly consumed in Westcoast, Eastcoast and Southern states of India, but with time, their consumption has spread to other areas as well, where they form a regular part of different dishes. We bring forth a variety of premium Mature Coconuts, which is known for having the richness in taste and


Milling Copra

We provide a high quality range of Milling Copra, which is appreciated by the customers due to its nutrition content. Prepared by the process of drying the stored coconut with husk by smoke, sun or kiln, our Milling Copra is specially used to extract oil. Apart from Milling Copra, we can supply large quantities of edible


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